Vietnamese in the Modern Film Market


The Vietnamese Community has certainly stepped up in film production during the last five years with a foothold into the world film market with notable films such as Bay Rong/CLASH, 220px-The_Rebel_posterThe Rebel, Saigon Electric, Journey From the Fall and The Owl and the Sparrow.  Original,  Vietnamese films are in high demand in Vietnam. We're talking about Hollywood style, independent films and videos produced at a level to be considered professional, international films.   Of course, Vietnam and the Vietnamese people are the primary market for these films, but now they have entered the greater Asia, U.S, and European markets.  With rapid modernization, the Vietnamese society provides a demand for well-produced film and content to view and watch about their own people, their own country and in their own language.  Many Vietnamese people have lived abroad and their children have grown up in foreign countries due to the displacement during the late 60's, early 70's Vietnam War.  Now many of these second generation Vietnamese have returned to Vietnam as film makers, directors, actors, models, dancers and singers.  In essence, the Vietnamese have stepped up and into the Asian Film market as well.  With popular Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, and Hong Kong films all the rage throughout Asia, the Vietnamese have established a foothold in the industry.  Each culture stakes it claim as has been seen in India and Bollywood productions, Thai films and Filipino productions. Now the Vietnamese may enjoy films, dramas of Vietnamese content as well as learn the process themselves of how to produce larger budget films.

Here's some of the players:

Johnny Tri Nguyen- actor, Wushi Maritial Artist, screenwriter, producer

Veronica Ngo- actress, singer, model, producer

















Stephane Gauger- producer, director, writer





Lam Nguyen- producer
Ham Tran, director, writer




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