Lam Nguyen & Ham Tran


Ham_and_Lam_Artists_Village_1Director/Writer Ham Tran (left) and Producer
Lam Nguyen (right),
interview about their film, "Journey from the Fall" on location in the Downtown Santa Ana Artists Village, Santa Ana, California.

Ham Tran was born in Saigon and immigrated to America with his parents. He is a talented writer, director and editor. Ham Tran graduated from UCLA with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television. His short films have won numerous accolades including the title of National Finalist for the Student Academy Awards®. Tran's  film, The Anniversary won the USA Film Festival award for Best Short Film, which qualified the film for the 2004 Academy Awards® for Best Live Action Short.

Lam Nguyen was born in Vinh Long, Vietnam where he grew up. His   family moved to the United States in 1989. As a student he excelled and in 1996, he won the Student Emmy Award and the Chicago International Award for his short film Nostalgic. Nguyen has directed over 40 music videos and produced for Van Son Entertainment since 1996 with locations including Orange County, Vietnam and Singapore. He is part of the first wave of talented film producers and directors depicting the lives and stories of the Vietnamese people, working with the Nguyen brothers, director Charlie Nguyen and actor, Johnny Tri Nguyen of the The Rebel. Nguyen said, "It's important for me to make Journey from the Fall because the new generation of Vietnamese youth must remember where they came from and why. Journey is a historical film that needs to be told to the world."

Tran and Nguyen met each other at the Club O' Noodles Theatre Group, and thus began the collaboration for the film, Journey from the Fall.


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