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"A few years ago, someone asked me by way of their T-shirt, Got Freedom? Here's, a bit delayed and by way of two small seaplanes and a continent ten thousand horizons wide, my answer."--Richard Bach

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Chris Guillebeau has a brand new guide for anyone who is interested in Freelance Writing. Chris has traveled to every country in the world before the age of 35, and he is a wonderful writer, blogger, and inspiration to others.  MORE ON CHRIS HERE...

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Across a Blue Sea Hero Award:Hero-AwardChrisGuillebeau
WRITER AND WORLD TRAVELER, Chris Guillebeau has set a goal to visit all the world's countries before he reaches the age of 35, all within a five year period and there are only seven countries left. What's really amazing to me is that travel isn't even the first objective in his life. With traveling to every country, you would certainly think this was his purpose- but no, it's secondary or even third. Chris' real objective in life is to be a full time writer on his own termsChrisG_RubenMartinez which he has already achieved and is currently doing.

(Chris U.S. Book Tour for his
new book, The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future ,
at Chapman University, Orange, Ca. with
Dr. Ruben Martinez)  

Additionally Chris is an amazing motivator in other people's lives. What I love most about Chris is that he encourages us to take a look at our own lives and think, "that maybe we could all do this a little differently, without necessarily following a conventional path." Hence, his first book, "The Art of Non-Conformity," and now his new book, The $100 Startup. True to form, when the book publisher told Chris this past year that they would not be doing a book tour for The $100 Startup, Chris gave it some thought and decided to do his own book tour. With a 5 year blog and 40,000 followers, Chris decided to do the "Unconventional Book Tour."  Lucky publisher to have an innovative author who thinks differently. Originally Chris decided to travel to ten states, and when he realized how well that was going, Chris thought why not just simply travel to all the states, which he is currently doing. And mind you, he is doing this while meeting his other goal of traveling to each country in the world.  He also added on all three provinces in Canada, not to leave out his loyal blog fans up north. Of course, Chris has mastered the art of traveling, but it's still an admirable feat. The turnout recently (Sept. 6, 2012)ChrisGEvent at Chapman UniversityKat_ChrisG in Orange, California was highly successful with many people there to see Chris in person.  I was elated, because Chris has been a great influence on my own blog and website, a wonderful on-line mentor and I finally meet him in person.

In The $100 Startup, Chris identified 1,500 individuals that built business from modest investments (in many cases $100 or less). From that group he focused on the 50 most intriguing case studies, where individuals discovered from their own special skills and interests, ways to monetize and restructure their lives. In one study, a family man lost his twenty-five year sales job, and then received a call from a friend that he had a load of mattresses for sale. Before he knew it, he had found an inexpensive old car dealership building that had no tenant, moved in with the mattresses for sale and ended up developing his new business. He found a way to deliver mattresses using bicycles, opened a coffee shop in the store and arranged room for kids to play while their parents bought a new mattress.  A journalist, who started teaching photography classes on the side, didn't even realize she was starting a business. Teaching started to support her and she left her journalism job. The book inspires us to take a look at own hearts and give thought to how we might do things differently, creating our own paths of freedom. 

Chris is as true as he writes; genuine, honest and highly innovative all the while doing it his way.  I loved that despite his great success, he chooses not to pursue a big company style, but stays true to his lifestyle that allows him to travel and take the private time that he needs to write. After all, Chris declares, "I am truly an introverted person." Fortunately, Chris is not so shy as to share ideas with others while holding onto a lifestyle he values.

Chris openly states his ideas and path may not be for everybody, but some will be a match and those are the people he is writing to- score one here, MATCH. I'm all in on this one and that's why I wanted to write a little something about Chris and then post his links. Chris also blogs live regularly twice a week and you can travel along with him as he treks the globe. Chris' writings are motivational and reflect on lessons in life, all learned while running his own business, traveling and hanging out in coffee shops. So without much further ado, I encourage you to check out his writing and visit his website where you can learn in detail all about "The Art of Non-Conformity" and embark on your own $100 Startup.

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