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Traveling with Delicious DōMatcha Green Tea
DoMatcha_logoJapanMatch treatYou know when you find something good that you love or enjoy and you want to tell other people about it?  That’s exactly how I feel about DōMatcha.  DōMatcha, is an ancient Japanese green tea that comes from Kyoto, Japan.  We are talking about the finest green tea you can buy. The top two leaves of the branch are picked, steamed and quick frozen to maintain the nutrients. The entire tea leaf is ground making a light fluffy bright green powder.  Serving up samples of DōMatcha Green Tea at a local Mother’s Kitchen Natural Foods store, I had a green tea latte- DoMatcha green tea powder whipped with vanilla soy milk.  It was so smooth and delicious. It is a very satisfying drink and there is nothing like a nice hot cup of tea to 30g_organic_clear.jpglift the spirits. green_tea_powdermug_of_green_latteThis one is particularly beneficial to health.  I've noticed from drinking the tea regularly, that I just simply feel better overall.  I'm a minimum three cup a day drinker.  I like two cups in the morning and one at high tea time in the afternoon.

What's really nice about DōMatcha style green tea, is the way it assimilates caffeine in the body.  It’s a low level of caffeine, not a zoom up and drop you down thing, but an even steady stream of energy.  It’s a nice even flow that makes you feel good throughout the day. It actually helps to regulate blood sugar, improves the metabolism, detoxes the blood and alkalizes the body.  It's loaded with antioxidants that fortify the immune system and is known to promote health and prevent diseases. Honestly, anything that green has just got to be good for you.


For traveling, DōMatcha provides "Ceremonial Singles," travel packets to take with you whether on a trip or to your office.  DoMatcha PacketsThe handy packets are easy to tuck in a travel bag, brief case, purse or wallet.  At a restaurant or at your hotel it is very easy to order a cup or pitcher of hot water, milk and honey to make your own brew.  Or you can take a dual voltage heating coil that you plug in to heat your own cup of hot water and make a cup of tea. The coils are very handy and easy to pack for travel and can be purchased with an adapter plug for overseas travel. First heat the water, then pour it into your cup, stir it up with your bamboo whisk until a nice froth appears on the top and enjoy.  

To find out more about this wonderful tea see our two videos here on the website:  "Matcha: the Way of Tea," our journey to Japan to see behind the scenes with a visit to tea fields and the manufacturing plant,  plus our video on how to make matcha at

We also have a COUPON DISCOUNT CODE for those who visit our website. When you order tea at  enter the code 'travel with DōMatcha' and you will receive a 15% discount on your order. 

Or take advantage of deals on DoMatcha at DoMatcha Green Tea, Organic Matcha, 1.0-Ounce Tin

Hopefully you will enjoy this tea as much as I do. 
"Tea calms the mind and lifts the spirit!"  Katherine Bowers  


Photo Credit: alibaba global trade - matcha bowl with chasen


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