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Mesh Packing Cubes are an Excellent Way to Pack
and Stay Organized While Traveling

Maybe you noticed the last time you traveled your stuff was all over the place. Then after you leave, you realize you left something in your hotel room because you simply didn’t see it and left it behind in a hurry. Yes, this has happened to me.  I thought I had remedied the problem using large zip lock bags for organizing my packing. I still use a small fresh zip lock for my liquid toiletry items, but not for clothes.  The large ziplocks worked for a while, but then the plastic gets cloudy and brittle.  Then I found mesh packing cubes.Mesh_pockets Once you start using them you will never turn back. 

When choosing a packing container or cube there are some standard things to look for.  It should have a mesh top panel, making it easy to identify the contents and allow some ventilation. This is really great at the airport because the security screeners can see into your bag without having to take things out. And although you can see in, the bag is designed in such a way to still maintain some privacy. The mesh should be soft with decent zippers. The material should be lightweight, durable and well-made. Lightweight material is essential, because extra packaging takes up precious space and adds weight in your suitcase. 

eBags_3_piece_setUsing the cubes keeps you super organized, simply roll your clothes and pack. Cubes come in different sizes making it easy to pack your undergarments in a smaller cube, shirts and sweaters in a medium size and jackets, suits and slacks in the bigger size.  I particularly like the eBags packing cubes, 3 piece set which I found at a discounted price for $22.24 at EBags are extremely well-made, with strong zippers that zip easily with handy straps to help you zip without all the pulling and tugging or trying to grab onto the little metal zipper piece. They come in three different sizes, and multiple colors and designs. They are much easier to see in a hotel room and they are handy for color coding. This is by far one of the easiest ways to pack and stay organized.  It's also simple to separate clean clothes from the dirty ones.

They are made of rip stop nylon. The material is very strong, the cubes are sewn well and easy to wash. They take up virtually no room in your bag. . When you are traveling, you need things to last and work well over and over again. Another nice thing about eBags is they guarantee satisfaction for exchange or return, their goal is to succeed our expectation. Instead of a return, I ordered a second set. These also make excellent gifts for fellow travelers in your family or group of friends. 

11" x 6.75" x 3" 
27.9cm x 17.2cm x 7.6cm

13.75" x 9.75" x 3" 
34.9cm x 24.8cm x 7.6cm

17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25" 
44.5cm x 32.4cm x 8.3cm

Click here to get the discounted eBags cube style bags like the green one shown in this article at  
The blue flat style mesh bags I found at 


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