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HYUN BINhyun-bin
Birthdate: 1982-Sep-25

Hyun Bin is a very special actor with great versatility.  He has the unique ability as an actor to make you like his character even if the character traits of the role are not so great.  In "Secret Garden," for example, Hyun depicts an upper echelon snob who is rather bossy, arrogant, intellectually astute and demanding, yet at the same time he is amazingly endearing, and you fall in love with his character.  Fortunately, as the script develops his character strengths come out even more dramatically and he breaks your heart.  This is also true in one of his most famous roles, "My Lovely Sam Soon."  This role features him as a young chaebol, inheritor of the family hotel business and a restaurant owner.  He depicts another elite character, but who also steals your heart in this well-written comedy.

In "Ireland, " Hyun's character is not a snob, but an amazingly supportive and endearing person.  And of course, when Hyun Bin smileshyun_bin_05002 you see his whole physical beauty including his famous dimples.  He can bring you to tears in his roles and make you laugh 'til you think you can't stop laughing.  He is honestly wonderful in every role.  He holds his character's traits and intentions firmly providing tremendous support to other actors.  He has a naturalness and believability completely buying into the characters he portrays, making his acting very interesting to watch.  You may find yourself replaying scenes just to watch what he did over again, such is his ability.




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